Quarter Panels

Jamie and the team at Kustom Metal Shaping Garage in Melbourne did a Fantastic Job on the Quarter Panels of SHQRP. We were really happy that DTK suggested Jamie’s professional involvement. And look at the result ! Hand Built and 100mm wider yet retain the precise HQ body lines. Incredible. If you are for custom made Metal, look no further.

Peter Sharp

Front End & Other Modifications

We are making a unique Custom Billet Grill and using dual modern headlights and have Custom Billet headlight surrounds.  Will fit before MotorEx 2015. We are very particular to have that V shape from the Monaro Grill in the 1970’s as part of the Design. The V shaped Billet follows the original angles and design principals will be hovering in front of black mesh forward of the radiator.

Where is the Nose Cone? It is GONE. We are extending the Bonnet and left & right Guards by adding the Nose Cone to it.  It was more work for Graeme, Damo & Jye but they were up for it & have done a fantastic job.

  • The Filler cap for Fuel tank will be inside the Trunk and there will not be any external Fuel Cap.
  • We are attempting to make the windscreen & rear window Frameless. This is a big challenge and we will have to make new rubbers so look out for more updates on this in the future.
  • We have shaved the door handles and all key holes have been filled including the Boot.  We think a Modern car should be like this.
  • Take a look at the Mirrors in the renderings – Can you see what they are off? It isn’t a Holden.

A lot more to come and we will update regularly. And Link to our Facebook Page SHQRP


Rear Blade

THE SPOILER – The ‘Blade’ will be made of Metal and become part of the Boot & rear Quarter Panels of the car. Not just be bolted on.   The angle isn’t right in the drawings that are shown in the Renderings section yet. We want it to me more laid back.

UPTATE : We have decided that the Car doesn’t need the Blade. Now that we see the wider quarter panel and rear bumper completed, the car does not need the Blade. So, it is OUT.


Front Guards (Fenders) & Rear Quarter Panels

Extended Qtr Panels & Front Guards to make the 200 mm car wider at the rear wheel arches.  It is going to be a LOW WIDE BODY like you have never seen before.



Widened and customised. See the Pics. Words don’t do the doors justice.  WIDER  WIDER  WIDER.