The Build Phase IV

Underneath the car

The thought & planning in the floor of the car is hard to describe. Look at it…


W I D E R – W I D E R – W I D E R and they are done. Take a look at the work on the hinges.

Quarter Panels

The Quarter Panels are all hand made using 100% new 1 mm metal. Jamie at Kustom Metal Garage in Melbourne helped with this part of the Build. They are 100mm wider each side. The skills needed in making a whole Quarter Panel are amazing. A reversible Timber Buck was made to help guide the work.

Nose Cone & Billet Front End

This deserves a section on it’s own. DTK have done Fantastic work on this – Never attempted before (that we know about).

Boot (Trunk)

The boot is now prepared.  Nothing more to do. It will be keyless.


Initial concepts through to professional drawings have helped to form the foundation for our planning. We also have always had a Business Plan with Timing on the Key Goals to achieve and we update that regularly. This helps us to all know what is needed and keep team members on-track.

MOTOREX 2014 Melbourne